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1st Grade » Curriculum


The following information is provided as a general overview of the many curriculum areas that students should master at each grade level. This list is not meant to be exhaustive, but rather an outline for each subject area.

Additional information can be found in the San Bernardino Diocesan Curriculum Guidelines. The California Frameworks for Public Schools provides further information and guidelines for what is to be accomplished at each grade level.

First Grade:

Students will:
  • Religion (emphasis on Jesus as the Son of God who tells me about the Father)
    • Participate in Liturgical and Sacramental celebrations
    • Experience the faith community of the classroom, school, parish, and community
    • Demonstrate the knowledge of simple liturgical gestures
  • Family Life
    • Realize that God loves us even when we fail
    • Show how trust is a part of friendship
    • Relate that god cares for everything He created and we must show care for it
    • Tell how family members help and show their love
  • Mathematics
    • Be able to read, write, and compare numbers to one hundred
    • Understand place values of ones and tens
    • Be able to do addition and subtraction process to ten
    • Be able to add and subtract two digit numbers without regrouping
  • Language Arts
    • Be able to read and understand the meaning of simple words
    • Be able to read for meaning and read out loud smoothly
    • Be able to discuss what is read and listen and be able to give brief sequenced speech about one thing or one idea
    • Talk clearly about language
    • Make careful plans and use them (brainstorm, research, plan, etc)
  • Science
    • Be able to use knowledge of plants and put animals into groups by size, shape, body, covering, and movement
    • Understand the differences and similarities between living and nonliving things
    • Be able to use knowledge of the earth
    • Be able to use scientific instruments (magnets, magnifying glasses, thermometers, and rain gauges)
  • Social Studies
    • Understand how families are similar and different
    • Understand the history of their family
    • Understand the relationship between the family and other groups of people
    • Think clearly and solve problems about social studies (classify, decide, solve, and compare)
  • Music, Art, and Physical Education
    • Music is used throughout the day and well integrated into each subject.
    • Art is integrated daily into all areas of curriculum. They will use the principles and elements of art to make things, and they will enjoy and know about cultures in art and begin to recognize artists.
    • Organized Physical Education is schedule weekly and games are taught for recess play.
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