St. George Parish School

Trimester goals and Projects

   Our First Trimester Goal:
    We will learn our St. Veronica Prayer, she is our classroom Saint. It may seem like it is a little long and dificult but the children catch on really quick.
   Our Religion project will start in November, we wil be collecting new socks until December. They will go to the Jubilees House and be given out during Christmas. Thank You More information will be sent home do not worry about this yet.
     Our Second Trimester Goal:
    We  will be learning our phone numbers. So please let me know what phone number you want them to learn.
     We will also be invovled with the Science Fair and we work in groups in our classroom, more information as we get closer.
 Our Third Trimester Goal:
  We will learn our address, and this helps as they move onto kindergarten.
Our Social Studies project is about families:
You may use poster board or any other materials you want. It will need pictures of famly, their animals, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles,Cousins. They will bring it in and share their family with us. They will recieve the project back. Thank you.

Children are made readers on the laps of their parents"

-Emilie Buchwall

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