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About Me!

 A little about me... I am a Alumni from wonderful St. George and graduated here many years ago. I have so many amazing memories from this wonderful community. From the great friends I made here and still keep in touch with, to wonderful teachers, and to having Mr. Horton as my principal and now watching Mr. Ramirez lead the way. It is so wonderful to be able to come back to a school where there is strong faith and willingness in everyone to assist and serve others. 
When I first started St. George I was placed in 1st grade, but as I learned I would transition to 5th grade I became very excited for the new journey ahead. 
Working with children and being able to help them grow in their faith and academics has always been a passion of mine and I hope to inspire as many along the way.
I hope being part of the fifth grade class and being a student council moderator allows me instill knowledge and wisdom to as many individuals as I can and watch them grow into wonderful Catholic leaders.  
In being right hand to Mrs. Hernandez, please do not hesitate to contact me with questions regarding class material or any concerns with student council.
I look forward to a wonderful school year!
Catholic Students Today - Catholic Leaders Tomorrow - Estudiantes Católicos Hoy- Lideres Católicos Mañana