St. George Parish School


Tuition Rates charged at St. George School are NOT the Total Cost of Educating a student at our school. All rates are discounted. The actual Total Cost of Education is slightly over $5,300 per year – per child.
Your rate is affected by several factors. The first factor is the number of children in the family, as we currently offer a 2nd and 3rd child discount for a family with more than one child in the school. The second factor, which affects the tuition rate, is schedule. You can purchase daycare as a monthly rate. This is the least expensive way to provide daycare, or you can purchase by the hour on an as-needed basis.
There are two options for tuition: Basic Tuition with Buyout, or Basic Tuition with Fundraising Obligations. Payments may be made in 10, 11, or 12 monthly payments.
Option I: Basic Tuition with Buyout – (Full Tuition) ~ these rates do not have the PIP credits and SCRIP requirements. The only Fundraisers required is one Big Raffle Ticket & 10 Scholarship Car Raffle Tickets. All families must do these fundraisers.
Option II: Basic Tuition with Fundraising Obligations – (Reduced Tuition) ~ these rates have both PIP credits, SCRIP requirements & fundraising obligations. All families are required to participate in the Big Raffle Ticket & 10 Scholarship Car Raffle Tickets.
Note: Our school reserves the right to require families to use the Basic Tuition with Buyout Rate (Full Tuition) if a family is continuously past due with their fundraising obligations in the prior school year. Parents are notified of any changes made to their Tuition Agreement.
Please open and save the document below for our 2021-2022 school year tuition rates.
Below is a link to more information about our PIP program.
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