St. George School


Tuition Rates charged at St. George School are NOT the Total Cost of Educating a student at our school. All rates are discounted. The actual Total Cost of Education is slightly over $5,800 per year – per child.
Your rate is affected by several factors. The first factor is the number of children in the family, as we currently offer a 2nd and 3rd child discount for a family with more than one child in the school. The second factor, which affects the tuition rate, is scheduled. You can purchase daycare at a monthly rate. This is the least expensive way to provide daycare, or you can purchase by the hour on an as-needed basis.
There are two options for tuition: Basic Tuition with Buyout, or Basic Tuition with Fundraising Obligations. Payments may be made in 10, 11, or 12 monthly payments.
Option I: Basic Tuition with Buyout – (Full Tuition) ~ these rates do not have the PIP credits and SCRIP requirements. The only Fundraisers required is one Big Raffle Ticket & 10 Scholarship Car Raffle Tickets. All families must do these fundraisers.
Option II: Basic Tuition with Fundraising Obligations – (Reduced Tuition) ~ these rates have both PIP credits, SCRIP requirements & fundraising obligations. All families are required to participate in the Big Raffle Ticket & 10 Scholarship Car Raffle Tickets.
Note: Our school reserves the right to require families to use the Basic Tuition with Buyout Rate (Full Tuition) if a family is continuously past due with their fundraising obligations in the prior school year. Parents are notified of any changes made to their Tuition Agreement.
Below is a link to more information about our PIP program.
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