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ZAP Program


Program Description: ZAP is a mandatory program of afterschool Study Hall/ Detention to provide students the time to complete missing homework and classwork assignments.

Program Goal: ZAP is a program to encourage students (grades 3-8) complete and turn in work in a timely manner. Further, by holding students accountable to organize their work and turn it in on time, we provide students with valuable skills to help them in High School and in life.

Program Rationale: Consistent work should help students improve their understanding of concepts taught in classrooms through independent practice. This is important to their grades, because not entering zeros into the gradebook because of missing assignments will help keep grades up. Students who don’t turn in their homework or completed classwork assignments disadvantage themselves. Formerly, students who had missing or incomplete assignments were given a zero in the gradebook. Under this program, assignments turned in ONE DAY late receive a 75% credit. After the first day, assignments turned in late receive 50% credit.

Schoolwide Learning Expectations: The ZAP program is designed to help students attain the following SLE’s: Responsible Life-Long Learners who strive for academic excellence in all areas. Motivated Individuals who do their best in and out of class.

Program Objective: Hold student accountable to be organized and responsible for their classwork and homework on a daily basis, and impose a small penalty for not completing and turning in the work on time.

Strategy #1: Teachers will need to check student assignments for completed classwork and homework on a regular basis in order to determine if students have missing work. If there is missing work and depending on the circumstances, teachers will complete a ZAP form and send the form with the student to the office. Parents are called and a list is compiled of students who are required to attend that day’s program. Whenever possible, the student with the ZAP form should be the one to make the call to their parent to let them know.

Strategy #2: All ZAP students will attend an after-school Study Hall/Detention for one hour between 3:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m., which will be held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Students who are assigned to the ZAP program must remain in the Study Hall/Detention until it closes at 4:00 p.m. If a student completes their assignment before the end of the period, they should have a book to read or begin on other assignments as needed.

Additional Program Details: The Program Coordinator will keep ZAP notices. Students are permitted to attend 2 times per trimester, without charge. The 3rd and all other times a student attends the ZAP program there is a $5.00 charge for the additional service. Students must attend the same day as the assignment due date, unless a parent requests a reschedule. A reschedule date can only be given for the next program available date. Parents who are full day schedules will also be billed if their child exceeds the two times per trimester without charge. This should prevent parents from using this time to as a late homework club.
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