St. George School


Continuing Students

Re-registration of continuing students begins in the spring. In order to re-register for the next school year, the following conditions must be met: 1. Tuition and Extended Care Fees paid current to date; 2. Fundraising and Parent Involvement hours fulfilled; 3. Child's academic and behavior reports are acceptable for continued progress at St. George School; 4. Registration fee paid.

New Students Admittance
New Students are admitted as follows:
Priority I - Students whose families are active parishioners of St. George Parish, who attend Mass regularly.
Priority II - Transferring Catholic school students.
Priority III - Other students who, by their behavior and attitude, demonstrate an acceptance of the philosophy of St. George School.
All NEW students are REQUIRED to take a placement test before admission. Then, students are admitted on academic and conduct probation. Currently, enrolled families are always given a priority registration period for each new school year.

Transfer Students
Students seeking admission to St. George School should be capable of taking full advantage of the program. Therefore, a student's reasons for wishing to transfer are worthy of consideration and will be asked in an interview with the school principal. New students will be admitted on a probationary basis for whatever length of time is deemed necessary. During this period, the student must give evidence of successful progress both in school work and general behavior.

Tuition Policy & Billing

St. George School reserves the right to refuse service or suspend from enrollment for failure to comply with tuition and fee agreements. The school publishes a TUITION AND FEE SCHEDULE annually that lists current fees and financial policies in detail, which is available on the school's web page and in the school office.
Withdrawal Policy
Withdrawal from St. George School becomes OFFICIAL when the parent or guardian signs a withdrawal form provided by the office. If the student is leaving before year-end, the teachers will summarize the student's progress and enter information into the student's permanent file for forwarding to the next school. Tuition and Fees must be current in order for the school to release records to parents.
Please save, print, and fill out the Contract Census (link located below) and bring it to the school office to reserve your child's spot for our 2023-2024 school year.
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