St. George Parish School

About The Aide

Teacher's Assistant: 
My name is Amal Armanyous. I have been married for over twenty years to my husband Rami who is also employed at St. George. I have two children, my daughter Irene who graduated from St.George School  in 2014 and is in the 11th grade at I-Poly High School, and my son Filo who is 11 years old and is a student at St. George School in the 6th grade.
I graduated from Egyption Secretary School  after receiving my high school diploma, but now I am back to school again to be a teacher.I received an award from San Bernardino district for completing my 400 hours training job as a teacher assistant.I also received the Distinguished Staff Award of The Year in 2016. I have worked in several positions at St. George and I am the opening staff in the morning. I have also worked in the kitchen for several years. Now I am excited to be in the classroom working with your child in the Jr. Kindergarten classroom.
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