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Thank you to all who participated in our 2018 Robotics Club. Be on the lookout for more information to come for the 2019 St. George Robotics Club.



St. George School Robotics Club

Welcome to the St. George School (SGS) Robotics Club 2018!  This will be our 1st year of introducing Robotics to our 7th and 8th-grade students. Our goal is to have 1 team (2-5 members) compete in the Damien High School Spartan Robot Challenge on Saturday, April 21st from 10:00 – 5:00 p.m.


Due to the complexity of the robots themselves, students will need to complete a minimum of 3-5 hours after school. Robotics will meet on Tuesday & Thursday’s from 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. Being a part of the SGS Robotics Club is like playing a sport so we expect to see you every time we meet.  This is a team program and it is important to honor any commitments made. If you will not be able to honor this commitment to attend all practice sessions then, unfortunately, the Robotics Club may not be a good fit.


If there are any questions, please feel free to contact Mr. Losciale. We are looking forward to the start of an amazing program!




Costs of the Program:

There are many costs involved with Robotics, with this being our pilot year no cost will be associated with joining the SGS Robotics Club. We will also be working at bringing in sponsors and grants to help offset the costs for future years. If you would like to help support the team by donating to the Robotics fund or by becoming a sponsor (or know someone who may be interested), please let us know. Please note the BoeBot being used is on loan from Damien High School. If your student were to damage the Boebot they will be asked to cover any costs associated.


Parent Involvement:

Having such a club requires us to have good organization. Parents, please speak with your student(s) about the commitment it takes to be a part of this type of club and that our practice session schedule does not conflict with prior family events.  We will also need parents to help supervise on our competition day and provide drinks and snacks at the competition.  Any hours spent working as a volunteer or supervising at the competition will count towards PIP credits required by the school.


Practice Session Schedule:

* Robotics will meet on Tuesday & Thursday’s from 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. *


* Task schedule is subject to change based on student ability *




Spartan Group / Task

BlueBot Group / Task

March 1st (during study hall until 3:30)

Create Group

Create Teams

March 6th

Ch. 2 Activity #1, #2, & #4

Disassemble BlueBot

-          Take inventory of parts

March 8th

Ch. 2 Activity #4, #5, & #6

Reassemble BlueBot

March 15th

Ch. 3 Activity #1, #3, & #4

Build a Motion-Activated Guard Robot (BlueBot Project #1)

March 20th

Ch. 4 Activity #1, & #2

Build a Speedy Light-Tracking Robot (BlueBot Project #2)

March 22nd

Ch. 4 Activity #3, #4, & #5

Build a Speedy Light-Tracking Robot (BlueBot Project #2)

March 27th

Ch. 5 Activity #1, & #2

Build a Zippy Line-following Robot (BlueBot Project #3)

April 10th

Ch. 5 Activity #3, & #4

Build a Zippy Line-following Robot (BlueBot Project #3)

April 12th

Ch. 7 Activity #1 & #2

Build an Obstacle-Avoiding Robot (BlueBot Project #4)

April 17th

Ch. 7 Activity #3, #4, & #5

Build an Obstacle-Avoiding Robot (BlueBot Project #4)

April 19th

Ch. 8 Activity #1 & #3

Disassemble BlueBot

Take inventory of parts


* Damien High School Spartan Robot Challenge on Saturday, April 21st from 10:00 – 5:00 p.m.*



St. George School Robotics Club Student Code of Conduct


General Rules for Robotics Club Inside of the Classroom


  1.      Respect the Equipment
    1.      No member should play around with equipment.
    2.      Use the equipment for its designed use only.
  2.      Respect each other
    1.      Ideas from all team members should be heard and considered when brainstorming.
    2.      All team members should have a chance to practice with the robot.
  3.      Respect all Coaches and Volunteers
  4.      No horseplay or inappropriate behavior
  5.      Computers will be used for robotics use only.
    1.      No game playing
    2.      Any Internet researching requires Teacher/Volunteer approval.
  6.      Members may only use their phones for the following during robotics hours:
    1.      Texting/calling their parents/guardians, after asking for permission.
    2.      Taking pictures of their robot for documentation purposes, after asking for permission.
  7.      If you are not sure, ask.
  8.      If you do not have something to do, ask.
  9.      Ask for permission before doing any permanent manipulation of a part (cutting, bending, etc).
  10.        If a member breaks anything in the classroom to any degree, accident or not, he/she must immediately notify the teacher/volunteer present in the classroom.
  11.        Attendance will be tracked.
    1.      All members must sign in and out every day and complete the total of 3-5 hours minimum each week.
    2.      If a member says he/she is going to come a certain day but then can’t make it, he/she should let teacher and at least one other team member know who will be present that day. Communication is key!
  12.        The last member from each team present each day must make sure that everything they were using pertaining to their robot is put away in its designated location before leaving. Lack of cleanliness will result in removal from a team.
  13.        All members from each team should be present for the practice session before competition unless previously arranged with team and
  14.        Each and every team member must have at least a general knowledge of all aspects of his/her team’s robot.
  15.        An Engineering Notebook must be completed for each team.
    1.      One day a week, all members should sit down as a team and discuss the robot’s progress, catch up on documentation, etc.

Safety Rules for Robotics Club

  1.      Do not run in the classroom.
  2.      Never work on the robot when it is on.
  3.      Be aware of your surroundings and do not place backpacks or other belongings where they can be a tripping hazard.


General Rules for Robotics Club Away from the Classroom

  1.      Follow all rules stated above for Inside the Classroom and Safety Rules
  2.      At competitions remember that your teacher/volunteer is there to help guide you. Listen to their advice and keep outside influences to a minimum. 
  3.      All team members must meet at the designated premises and established time unless previously communicated with a teacher.
  4.      Team members please remind parents: Parents may not touch the robot at anytime during competition or argue with any referees at anytime during competition.
  5.      Team members must discuss any questions, challenges, etc. with the head refs directly in a calm and professional manner at all times. Teacher/volunteer approval must be obtained before approaching any event staff.
  6.      No member should leave his/her robot unattended at anytime.
  7.      Batteries must only be placed either in the charging station or on the robot at all times.
  8.        All team members should be helping each other and, as one team, be open to helping other teams if needed. Sportsmanship is key!
  9.        All present team members should participate in some way up on the field throughout each competition.
  10.        During each team interview, more than one team member should be talking to the judges.
  11.        All team members are responsible for keeping their event table/booth that we occupy clean and organized.
  12.        Remember that you are a representative of our school when we are at events and it is expected that you will always act with integrity, sportsmanship, and honor.
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