St. George Parish School


  • Spelling. Choose 5 different cubes from the Spelling Menu attachment. Complete one cube a night for 5 nights. papers are to be stapled and turned in for grading every Monday. (The following school day if Monday falls on a holiday).
  • Spelling Tests- Every Friday there will be a pre-test. Monday's we will have our final test. Highest score will be entered into GL.
  • Vocabulary HW is once a week. Students are to complete the four square boxes. One box per word. ( Vocabulary is due on Friday’s.)
  • Math HW will be assigned daily. Unless excused by the teacher.
  • SLE HW. SLE is to be completed in composition book. It will be do every other Monday. Check due dates on file. (Students must still bring SLE composition book to class everyday as additional assignments may be assigned.)
  • Reading Log for M-Th due date is Friday.
  • Additional HW and Test will be assigned by teacher as chapters are presented 
  • Students will be notified prior to testing
Make up work
Students will be allowed one day per absence to complete work.
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