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Educational Goals

The aim of St. George Parish School is to promote individuals who are knowledgeable, disciplined, and caring of their neighbor, and prepared for changes that life may bring. Religious values and practices are at the root of such development and are thus a priority in our school.

Parents who bring their children to St. George School should expect that we will:
  1. Maximize their child's opportunity for learning by providing their child with a quality classroom environment,
  2. Provide structure and discipline in their child's classroom,
  3. Teach strong study skills, work habits and Christian citizenship,
  4. Keep parents appraised of their child's progress through frequent and open communication,
  5. Encourage proper respect for the school facility, its staff, other students, family and community,
  6. Provide a quality program with liturgies, extra-curricular and special activities that work to enrich a child's life by teaching in ways that best meet each child's needs,
  7. Support a parent's influence, while recognizing that the school can neither replace nor correct that influence, since the parent is the primary teacher,
  8. Maintain consistent procedures for handling discipline; making students and parents aware of our expectations and procedures, while striving to handle discipline as an aspect of moral guidance and not punishment,
  9. Maintain positive reinforcement systems to encourage desirable behavior and build self-esteem,
  10. Teach students to take pride in their accomplishments, and take responsibility for their actions,
  11. Teach children to love learning, and
  12. Provide a solid educational foundation so children can succeed in future educational settings.
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