St. George Parish School

Golf Tournament



April 26, 2021

After a year-long delay, St. George School is excited to host its 2nd Annual Golf Tournament. As all schools across California were affected by campus closures due to COVID-19, our little school was no different. Our enrollment declined from 300 to 250 students. Our income decreased by 30% following this school year's month to date compared against the 2020 to 2021 school year.

Through the challenges, our community stayed together and believed in our programs. Teachers changed the way education was taught and students adapted. Our goal was to continue to provide a strong faith-based whole child educational program. We accomplished that! Now that we are able to open our school grounds for in-person instruction, it is a true blessing to have the continued support of our families and students. We traveled this journey together and welcome our students to campus with open arms!

The year 2021 marks a huge milestone for our school as we celebrate our Centennial, continuing the year-long celebration of a “Century of Service”. We are the third oldest school in the Diocese of San Bernardino and are proud to have served and continue to serve the City of Ontario.

  1. You have been assigned a Tee Time. 
    1. Your group may arrive 1 hour before your tee time to check in, pick -up your giveaways, participate in our raffles, and hit the driving range. 
  2. Check-in will be at Hole 1 by the Scoreboard. There will be a banner and balloons directing everyone towards check-in. 
  3. We are all playing on the South Course.
  4. Once your tee time hits, your group may go to Hole 1 and begin your golfing experience. We are playing best ball. 
  5. Lunch will arrive at the Course at 11:00 those arriving before 11:00 will be able to pick up their CHICK-FIL-A LUNCH at Hole 10. Anyone arriving after 11:00 will pick up their sandwich when they pick up their giveaways.
  6. Keep track of your score as you will be able to turn in your scorecard to the Golf Shop for a chance to WIN the Tournament!! 
  7. Again, all scorecards once done, must be submitted to the Golf Shop for scoring. The winner will be announced Monday. 
We are hosting a Virtual Auction. Bid on sports memorabilia, golf equipment, Mother's Day gifts, experiences and so much more...
Click the link below to begin your bidding!! 
Steven Navarro   6:58
Ernie Teran    
Alfred Sixtos    
Eddie Torres    
Ruben Cervantes   7:06
Jorge Godoy    
Humberto Gomez    
Michael Bombard    
Nestor Pua   9:06
Florante Ascio    
Edgardo Reyes    
Anastacio Sarno    
Scott Ochoa   9:14
Dan Bell    
Tito Haes    
John Andrews    
Ray Gayk   9:22
Derek Williams    
Darlene Sanchez    
Dan Hudec   9:30
Lisa Hudec    
Mike Figueredo    
Kimberly Figueredo    
Juan Rubio   9:38
Miguel Villagran    
Fernando Villagran    
Jesse Villagran    
Hector Valencia   9:46
Elijah Valencia    
Steve Pedrosa    
Luis Garcia    
Bryan Armas   9:54
Ray Armas    
Jose Palafox    
Robert Ortiz    
Adam Davidosky   10:02
Angel Rodriguez    
Star Romero    
Denise Davidosky    
Katie Sanchez   10:10
Mrs. House    
Mrs. Beltran    
Catherine Hernandez    
Vince Arenas   10:18
Sameer Mehta    
Neil Edwards    
Rudy Escobar    
Kyle Edwards   10:26
Matt Munoz    
Anthony Almarez    
Robert Stovel    
Dave Perez   10:34
Art Apadaca    
Rudy Lara    
Brent Tibets    
Dave Edwards   10:42
John Rouse    
Ed Rodriguez    
Dan Vidal    
Jason Longoria   10:50
Jason Canova    
Robert Visser    
Art Longoria    
Alfonso Lozano   10:58
Ernie Galvez    
Rene Quezada    
Mario Gonzalez   11:06
Carlos de Anda    
Marc Bustamante    
Alex Hernandez    
Patrick JC Shin   11:14
James Park    
Mike Byun    
Bob Tyron    
Hector Rodriguez   11:22
David Cortez    
David Valencia    
Aaron Martinez    
Ben Huver - Alumni   11:30
Brian Conant    
Eddie Gobaton    
Dave Samara    
Bill Sachs   11:54
Randy Flyisher    
Adrian Candelario   12:02
Javier Garcia    
Rember Molina    
Andrew Ramirez    
Thank you for your support!! 
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