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Financial Policies

The amount it actually costs to educate students. Parents pay most, but not all, of the Actual Cost of Education through either Full Tuition Payments or Reduced Tuition with Support.
The additional or optional fees are NEVER refundable. All Registration Fees must be paid prior to the start of the school year to avoid a Late Fee.
Our school offers an Automatic Debit Program for payment of Tuition. Families who choose the 12 or 11-month payment plan MUST sign-up for the Automatic Debit. Those plans begin in July and end the following May or June. Families who choose the 10-month plan ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to sign-up for the Automatic Debit Plan, which bills August through May. A Non-Sufficient Funds fee may be assessed to an account if the funds are not available for transfer at the time of the Auto Debit.
“Registered Rate” means contributing a minimum $200 donation to a Catholic parish in San Bernardino Diocese from the prior January through December. Parents with the required proof, are permitted to use the “Registered Tuition Rate”. Required proof is a letter of verification from your parish noting the minimum $200 donation. Parents must provide this letter at the time of registration, and again each year when you re-register for a new school year. Without required proof, the school will automatically charge the “Non-Registered Tuition Rate” on the entire year’s billing.
The parents and legal guardians of St. George School agree to pay tuition payments and tuition subsidy payments on time. Failure to meet required deadlines may prevent students from participating in school activities such as graduation, attending school, taking exams, logging on to Gradelink, etc. Notifications of seriously past due accounts are sent home to parents through the mail.
St. George School offers extra-curricular activities based on interest and participation, which may have a fee charged in order to participate. Fees are used to pay for costs associated with the activity. Activity Fees must be paid within two weeks after billing. Announcements are made during the year about these activities and fees. Dropping an activity after joining may NOT necessarily waive the fee. Arrangements for partial refunds must be made with the principal.
Families may elect to purchase Extended Care for their children on a monthly basis, which is considerable savings over the per-hour plan. To do this, select the “Full Day” option from the Fee Schedule. Purchasing Extended Care monthly allows us to pass on the savings of time spent billing and keeping count of hours used in Extended Care. Full Day programs may not be purchased on an occasional basis. Changes from Full day to School Day are not permitted.

Families who choose the Reduced Payment Plan with Support obligate themselves to participate in Donations, PIP Service Credits, Raffle Ticket Sales, and SCRIP. There are two choices for the Reduced Tuition with Support Program for 2019-2020. Parents must replace funds by their work called PIP Service Credits (at home or at school), or donations in the amounts listed in either Plan A or Plan B, in order to reduce their direct payment of tuition. 1 (ONE) PIP Service Credit is earned with 3 (THREE) hours of work OR any Verified DONATION of $20.00. Once the total requirement for SCRIP profits are earned for the year, excess SCRIP profits may be allocated by the parent to use against ANY other school financial obligation. SCRIP profits are assessed a 25% transfer fee and are maintained at the direction of the Business Manager to ensure accurate accounting. SCRIP excess profits are calculated by the end of each trimester and credit is not given before that time.
Donations, PIP Service Credits are entered into a notebook located in the office. Donations earn 1 (ONE) PIP Credit for each verified $20.00. All donations MUST be accompanied by a receipt, which must be attached to the parent page. (Credits are not given for items which would otherwise be discarded.) All PIP Credit work must be approved by the Principal or Business Manager and must benefit the school directly. The School Principal reserves the right to determine which jobs or donations qualify under this plan. (1/3 of the total required support) is due 3 weeks before the end of each trimester. Credits earned during the summer or excess from each trimester are carried over to the next. You may NOT carry shortages from one trimester to the next. It is the responsibility of each family to create a plan for providing the required support. Contracts or Billing Rates are only changed after the school year begins, by the Principal.
A variety of payment options are available. Payments are always due in advance of services rendered NOT after. Monthly payments are due on the 1st and are late after a ten-day grace period. Payments are due on Friday when the 10th falls on a weekend.
Installment payments are for the convenience of parents. Monthly installments are a payment plan of the annual tuition in 10, 11 or 12 equal monthly payments. Parents choosing 11 or 12-month plans MUST participate in the Auto-Debit. Installments are not related to the number of days in any month.
Monthly installments may be divided into two halves, paying ½ on the first and the other on the 15th.
When tuition or fees are not paid by the due date, a Late Fee is assessed in the amount of $30.00 per situation. Multiple Late Fees may be assessed to accounts that have an outstanding balance in more than one area. Late Fees serve to cover the cost associated with the extra work involved with billing and collecting fees or tuition. It is best to communicate any payment problems immediately to the school’s Business Manager or Principal to avoid additional Late Fees.
Families who leave St. George School for any reason are responsible for their tuition. Tuition due related to early withdrawals is based on the Full Rate. Parents withdrawing students after February 1st owe the full year's tuition through June. Credit is never given for withdrawing before the end of the month, as rates are not monthly. Pro-rated tuitions for starting after the first day of school are given at the discretion of the administration.
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