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             “It’s not about how much you do, but how
much love you put into what
you do that counts.”-Mother Teresa

Good morning Junior High Parents!  I hope this message finds you well.  Below you will find details and procedures in regards to my classes for remote learning.

-Work for each day with due dates and time will be posted Monday through Friday by 9am.

           -I will post a message on classdojo alerting you that the work has been posted.

-all content will be available in google classrooms.  (Junior High teachers have created one hub under Ms. Thornill’s existing google classroom.)

-I will also have reminders of what is due on my website. (This will be under Classwork/Homework)

-My office hours are from 9am to 11am. 

-Work will be due daily at midnight each day unless otherwise stated

-If for some reason you need to reach me you can send a message through classdojo or  email me at If you need to speak with me directly, send me an email and I will call you on the phone number provided on

-The information that has been sent out thus far by the school, is the same information that I have regarding all other issues.  If any new information comes to light; myself, the other teachers, or St. George Admin will reach out. 

Thank you all for your partnership and support.  God bless.

<3, Ms. DeLeon


Welcome to the sixth grade, Class of 2022, home page.  I am very excited to be a partner in your child's academic career.  This is my fourteenth year teaching.  I previous worked in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles for 11 years.  I received my B.A from Cal Poly Pomona and my M.A. from Loyola Marymount University.   My expectations for my students are set very high.  I believe that all students want to be successful and by setting the bar high, I am setting them up for success.  I respect my students immensely and hold them accountable for both their downfalls and their successes.  Open communication is key to helping children grow.  Always feel free to contact me through either email, school phone, Class Dojo, my pager, or Morse code. 

**There has been a schedule adjustment for junior high.  Please see the updated schedule on the right side of the Junior High Class Schedule Page. :)
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