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Classroom Expectations


You have been asked to participate in this level of Honors because your comprehension of Mathematics exceeds the grade level expectancy. The Honors Group will be taught at a faster pace but only up to the capability of the students. We will be working with two concepts per day and will adjust to the necessity of the class. I look forward to working with you and your student for a successful year.


  • Your students will be mathematically proficient. 
  • Students will be presenting a lesson to this class and to other grade levels. 
  • Students will continue to excel in the program developed here at St. George in hopes that the transition into Freshmen High School Math will be successful.
  • Relate math to everyday situations.


·         Hard Work

·         Follow Instructions

·         Ask Questions

·         Show your Work

·         Write neatly and organized. If I cannot read it you will not receive a grade.

        Be present. Attendance is extremely important.

            If you don’t understand something be patient we just have to look at it from a different angle

·         Have fun with Math in order for you to enjoy it!



Tests, Quizzes, Homework, Class Project, Notebook, Accelerated Math, Participation

I follow the rules set by the Junior High Level in regards to behavior, ZAP Program and any other situations that may arise.



"We cannot hope that many children will learn mathematics unless we find a

way to share our enjoyment and show them its beauty as well as its utility."

(Mary Beth Ruskai)


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