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Student Success Program

Here at St. George School, it is our goal to align with the mission and philosophy of the Diocese of San Bernardino when it comes to diversified education. We recognize that students have unique talents and needs and we are committed to accommodating and celebrating the diversity of our students.

Mission Statement

In keeping with our Catholic Faith identity, which embraces acceptance and respect of all human life, we believe that each child is a unique gift from god.

Therefore, as Catholic Educators in partnership with parents, we are committed to providing a compassionate environment where each child, regardless of ability, will be encouraged, enriched and challenged to achieve his/her personal best.

In partnership with other educators, administrators, parents and the community at large, we are committed to welcome every student for whom an appropriate program can be designed and implemented. We will utilize all services and support to provide the best education possible in the interest of the student.

Diocese of San Bernardino, Modified Inclusion Handbook, May 2015

Our Program

At St. George School the “Student Success Program” is a program for students with a need for specialized supplementary instruction. Students are pulled out of their general education classroom during the day. In the resource room they are provided with a small group or individual setting to receive additional support in areas that are interfering with learning.

Parents receive support from the  school’s administration, the child's  general education teacher and the resource teacher who develop interventions and strategies to enhance the learning process for these students. We strive to provide the best education possible in the interest of all students.

"Meeting Learning needs within our Catholic Schools

Diocese of San Bernardino May, 2015
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