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Class Schedule and Curriculum Guidelines

The following information is provided as a general overview of the many curriculum areas that students should master at each grade level. This list is not meant to be exhaustive, but rather an outline for each subject area.
Additional information can be found in the San Bernardino Diocesan Curriculum Guidelines. The California Frameworks for Public Schools provides further information and guidelines for what is to be accomplished at each grade level.
Students will:
Religion (emphasis on God as Creator and Father who loves me)
Listen/respond to Scripture readings
Self respect and respect for others
Have responsibility for their decisions
Experience the faith community of the classroom, school, parish, and community
Family Life
Explain that they are loved by God
Work for peace by cooperating with others
Relate that each person is a unique individual
Be able to count by memory to one hundred
Be able to use words to describe objects (color, size, shape, etc.)
Be able to recognize number zero to twenty in random order
Be able to do simple addition and subtraction using objects
Be able to use math to solve problems in a step-by-step manner
Think clearly and solve problems in math
Language Arts
Be ready to read
Be able to print the alphabet, his or her name, and numbers
Be able to listen for information
Be able to tell their thoughts in a group discussion
Talk and write clearly about language
Use the quality process (plan, draft, analyze, revise when producing)
Know the five senses and how they help us
Know about common plants and animals
Know our physical environment
Be able to solve problems using the scientific method (research, hypothesis, experimentation, findings, and conclusion)
Know how to preserve the Earth
Social Studies
Understand that other people do not live like they do
Understand that they have responsibilities now and in the future
Know days which are important to them (birthday, family birthdays, holidays)
Be able to relate social studies to their life
Be able to conduct and present research
Music, Art, and Physical Education
Music is used throughout the day and well integrated into each subject.
Art is integrated daily into all areas of curriculum. They will be able to know about the things in art such as color, texture, etc.
Organized Physical Education is scheduled weekly and games are taught for recess play.
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