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5th Grade Curriculum

The following information is provided as a general overview of the many curriculum areas that students should master at each grade level. This list is not meant to be exhaustive, but rather an outline for each subject area.

Additional information can be found in the San Bernardino Diocesan Curriculum Guidelines. The California Frameworks for Public Schools provides further information and guidelines for what is to be accomplished at each grade level.

Fifth Grade:

Students will:
Religion (emphasis on "I am called to live a sacramental life")
Read and explain Scripture
Respond with journal writing
Discuss characteristics of holiness found in people in Scripture and today
Relate to and think critically about real life situations

Family Life
Identify the physical traits and talents that come from racial and ethnic background of parents
Explain all human life in its physical, psychological, and spiritual dimensions is fundamentally good
Recognize the role of conscience and self control in directing appetites/sexual desire
Assess the importance of commitment and fidelity in marriage
Develop a sense of respect, compassion and sensitivity for those suffering

Be able to read, write, and estimate whole numbers through nine digits
Be able to multiply using three digit numbers and divide using two digits divisors
Be able to work with metric units
Be able to compare and order fractions and decimals using >, <.

Language Arts
Be able to advance vocabulary and reading rate with recreational reading in all subjects
Be able to write a variety of letters, poetry, and multiple paragraphs themes about a single topic
Be able to listen and view to summarize, to ask clarifying questions, and to learn

Understand the processes that all living things share
Understand the basics of electricity, magnetism, and concepts of force
Understand the earth's surface and changes which affect it

Social Studies
Understand key influences in United States history and how they shape our lives today
Possess a mental timeline of key influence in U.S. history
Understand the life of the first Americans
Be able to use visual skills to help in understanding U.S. history
Be able to support positions in a responsible manner (research, thesis, etc)

Music, Art, and Physical Education
Music is used throughout the day and well integrated into subjects.
Art is integrated daily into all areas of curriculum. They will be able to use the elements and principles of art, appreciate many kinds of art from around the world and explain how art is connected to other subjects.
Organized Physical Education is scheduled weekly
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