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About the Teacher

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!


I am very excited to begin this new school year as the 7th grade homeroom teacher and the English Language Arts teacher!

This is my fifth year at St. George School.  I have gained so much experience and knowledge throughout my years here and now that I am entering this new school year as the English teacher, I am blessed to have had the experience from St. George. 


English has always been a passion of mine and has been my favorite subject all throughout my educational career.  It was in my Honors English courses I took in college, where I discovered that I really had this love and interest for this subject and I wanted to do something with it, but I just didn’t know what that something was.  I graduated with a B.A. in Communications from UCSD, not really knowing what I wanted to do after life in college.  However, during my senior year in college I volunteered as a tutor for a local high school.  From then on something clicked and I felt like there was a spark that lit up within me.  My eyes grew with fervor, and boom!  I knew that I wanted to be an English teacher right then and there.  I am now following my heart by pursuing a career in teaching. I have just completed my Credential and Master's program this year and am proud to say that I have my Single Subject Preliminary Credential in the subject of English and my Master's in Education!!! (Woohoo!) I am honored to have shared these accomplishments with my St. George family!    


To strengthen my growth as a teacher I have attended workshops and trainings throughout my experience.  I have attended the iTeach Conference to enhance my knowledge of technology in the classroom.  Also, I have attended trainings such as Accelerated Reader training, Pedagogy of Questioning training, Ste-Up-to-Writing, and Active Shooter training.  In addition, I have completed the First Aid/CPR training and the annual Safe Environment for the Protection of Children workshop. 


On a more personal note, I am the oldest daughter of three and quite frankly, the favorite…of everybody: favorite sister, favorite older sister, favorite daughter, and most favorite daughter.  (But shh…don’t tell anyone).  I am also a dog parent (also, the favorite parent) to a beloved 3 year-old rambunctious Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Dexter Mason Estrada-Conklin?  Or Conklin-Estrada?  We still haven’t come to a consensus on the last name, however I simply just like Estrada.  Dexter is the best copilot to cruise around with in my newest baby, Kylo, who is a 2016 Subaru Crosstrek.  I used to just absolutely loathe driving, but now that Kylo drove into my life, I WANT to drive!  I love and enjoy driving that I even drive to L.A. to visit my sister whenever I can!  Also, I enjoy watching Netflix, relaxing, eating, relaxing, and shopping.  However, I mostly love being around my loud family and friends because although they are the way they are, I am the way I am because of them and everyday I thank God for that.    


I firmly believe that not only has my family, friends, and the St. George staff shaped me, but the students have definitely made an impact on who I am today as well.  They have shifted my views, made me rethink, made me laugh, (I won’t say cry), made me try different things, and made me proud.  I grow everyday because of them.  So I look forward to working with the students and the parents to make this school year a great one!  I know that my enthusiasm and passion for education and teaching will radiate through my work here at St. George.


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