St. George Parish School

Classroom Expectations

Jr. High  Math



Welcome to the St. George Jr. High Math Program. Math classes will meet 3 days a week, with a goal to complete 1 - 2 lessons per class. 

6th grade will focus on the fundamentals of Algebra (Pre-Algebra) 

7th grade will focus on Algebra 1 concepts 

8th grade will focus on reviewing concepts from Algebra 1 with an introduction to various Geometry concepts 

I look forward to working with both you and your student for a successful 2017-2018 school year.



-          Your students will be mathematically proficient.  

-          Relate math to everyday situations.



-          Work Hard

-          Follow Instructions

-          Ask Questions!!

-          Show your Work

-          Write neatly and organized. If I cannot read it you will not receive a grade.

-          If you don’t understand something, be patient we just have to try learning it another way.

-          Have fun with Math in order to enjoy it!

-          Relate Math to your everyday life.



-          Formal: Test, Quiz, Projects, & Accelerated Math (Exercise & Diagnostic) 

-          Informal: Homework, Classwork, Observation, Participation, Exit Ticket, & Accelerated Math Practice


* The Jr. High Math classes follows the rules set by the Junior High Level in regards to behavior, ZAP Program and any other situations that may arise*  

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